how to check aircel net balance

How To Check Aircel Net Balance

Aircel is a company for the mobile service provider for voice, SMS and data pack for the users. After loading the amount to the mobile or before exhausting the balance, it may require checking the balance in the account of the users. Same goes for the net balance. In this article, I will show you how to check Aircel net balance.

How to Check Aircel Net Balance Using USSD Codes

If you know what USSD Codes are, it will be very easy for you to learn how to check Aircel net balance. So let’s know a bit about USSD Codes.

What are USSD Codes?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes“, is a protocol that GSM cellular telephones use to communicate with the service provider’s computers. (Source)

USSD Codes to Check Aircel Net Balance

First of all, the users have to enter specific USSD Codes to check the net balance.

For checking of GPRS data balance, enter the following USSD Codes: *133# or *126*4# or *126*6#

The users may check the 3G data balance by entering 122*122# or 111*9#

For 2G data balance, the users may enter *133# as a USSD Code.

This is by far one of the most effective procedure if you are looking how to check Aircel net balance.

These codes also help in activation or deactivation of any service provided by Aircel or any service provider.

Apart from checking net balance, Aircel is also offering the main balance codes, GPRS setting codes, Aircel special offer check codes.

The users of Aircel can get the total main balance, SMS, data balance and the mobile number by using the codes. All the detailed information may be available by the users with the codes.

The main account balance may be leaned by the users by pressing *111#. If the customers are new for Ariel, then he may know the phone number by clicking *131#.

List Of Other USSD Codes For Any Queries Related Data Or Balance

In case, the one code is not working, then you may use the alternative codes. There are some shortcodes for prepaid and postpaid connections of Aircel. The users can send the keywords to the toll-free number 121. The list of codes to send to 121 is given below:

  • Information for 3G services – 3G or 9
  • Information for 3G coverage or availability – COVERAGE3G
  • Check compatibility for your handset – Check 3G
  • Registration for network related complaint – NOSIGNAL
  • For deactivation of 3G – STOP 3G
  • Starting of activation of 3G on the 2G numbers – START 3G
  • Request for change of billing – BPC
  • Latest scheme information – LATEST POST
  • Aircel relationship number – ACCOUNT
  • Register network related problem – CALLDROP

Note: The codes may vary for different states and different circles. All these above codes are only for prepaid connection of the customers.

For any network problem, the customers can easily make complaints on their own by using the codes. Aircel Generates a variety of codes for usage of the customers. The users of Aircel who are searching how to check aircel net balance or other balances can avail all the codes for their facilities.

So, as a result, you can understand that Aircel has recommended so many codes for the users who are looking how to check Aircel net balance, the main balance, activation and deactivation facilities.

how to increase jio speed

How to Increase Jio Speed: Step by Step Tutorial

Are you among those dissatisfied Jio users that are suffering from slow browsing as well as downloading? Still, you did not get in touch with the best solution even after browsing the Internet for long? Cheer up as the best option is about to knock at your doorsteps. It is high time for you to shoo away all sorts of real worries.

Selection of New APN

You may now easily enhance the speed of the internet that will provide you with the best browsing as well as downloading experience. By following these easy to follow steps, you will experience high downloading as well as upload speed:

  • Logging into settings option
  • Placing of clicks on Mobile Networks option
  • Moving on to the Access Point Name
  • Selection of the SIM slot
  • Clicking on the menu option
  • Selection of new APN

Select APN

After you select the save option, you will be getting amazing results within a few seconds of time.

Apps to Install for Enhancing JIO Speed

Apart from following these steps, you may also opt to install any of the following applications to increase JIO speed at best:

  • VPN master
  • MTK Engineering Mode
  • Shortcut master
  • Speed Booster and Optimizer

People do not prefer installation of applications into their smartphone. Instead, you may also give a trial to the following steps that will enhance your JIO speed followed by strengthening band coverage:

  • Setting preferable network type as LTE
  • For best speed, you may select either band 40 is greater than band three which is larger than band-5
  • For best coverage, band-5 is greater than band-3 which is more than band 40

By following the steps mentioned above, it will become easy for you to enhance the speed of JIO 4G so that you may easily relish the world of internet. Ranging from shopping to social sharing, every activity can be carried out more smoothly.

Enhance Downloading Speed

At the time of browsing the Internet, we all enjoy downloading. The newly introduced 4G technology has gained immense reputation regarding providing the best browsing and downloading experience. Some additional steps need to be followed to enjoy enhanced download speed. They are:

Tips to Increase Jio 4G Speed:

  • Turning off mobile data
  • After getting into mobile network, you may switch to access point names
  • Change in case of APN protocol needs to be changed from IPV4 to IPV6
  • After saving, mobile data needs to be turned on again

enhance download speed

You will be surprised by the increase in speed of download. JIO has gained an immense reputation for providing excellent browsing as well as downloading speed. You may easily access the Internet even while you are moving to and fro. Unlike 3G, you need not stay at a particular point to get access to the best speed of the Internet.

Even, it is great to learn that 4G technology comprises of some newly introduced features that are attracting users from all around. Get ready to enjoy these alluring features by just making some changes in your settings of the smartphone.

how to use jio in 3g phones

How To Use Jio SIM In 3G Phones Or Mobiles

Now, you can use Jio SIM in your 3G Phones also. Read More below to know how.

When you have Jio in hand, why worry? Avail a Jio SIM and connect with your people from any part of India at any time. Jio is regarded now as the most cost friendly, widely approachable and wonderfully serviceable network.

Want to know the plans? Here you go.

Reliance JIO Plans

Before purchasing a Jio SIM, it is wise to go through the facts and features that it possesses. Before getting into the offers, let me tell you that the entire offer plan is divided into two parts, rather, in two forms of payment schemes namely, postpaid and prepaid. Postpaid is when you pay for the service after you have enjoyed it and Prepaid is just the opposite, that is, you pay before enjoying the facility.

Here is a detailed description of the various plans it offers.

reliance jio plans


  • You get the facility of free local, STD, roaming calls at a certain rate for a particular period.
  • Unlimited data offers with full 4G speed again for a specified period at a fixed rate.
  • For SMS too, you get the same opportunity.

Point to be noted, the package rates differ from one another. The more the rate, the more is the tenure for data or voice call or SMS.


For postpaid payment schemes, there are unlimited voice calls, data and message facility at different rates like 309/-, 349/-, 399/-, 509/- and 999/- for two months and three months respectively.

Conditions to Use Jio SIM in 3G Handsets

conditions to use jio in 3g phones

Like all other mobile networks, Jio has some terms and conditions applied that needs to be strictly followed.

  1. All voice calls, inclusive of data based audio calls are absolutely free.
  2. Prepaid charges are excluded from all taxes. Charges will be an added incentive for the postpaid facility.
  3. Customers are given the opportunity for joining Jio membership with a light charge of Rs.99.
  4. Prepaid subscribers can consider 28 days as one month whereas, for postpaid subscribers, one bill turn is regarded as a month.
  5. For unlimited SMS pack, you get the advantage of 100 messages per day.
  6. All the offers will be notified via emails. Therefore, it is necessary for you to provide a correct and easily accessible email id.
  7. The 4G plans can only be utilized by customers obtaining an LTE gadget.

The Working of Jio SIM in 3G Smartphones

Steps to use Jio Sim in 3G phones:

  • Check whether your 3G handset has MediaTek chipset or not.
  • Click on the MediaTek option and choose the preferred network option.
  • Next, you can select LTE, a highly essential constituent for the functioning of a Jio SIM.
  • Once you are done with these steps, shut down your device.
  • Put in the Jio SIM in the first slot and leave the second slot empty.
  • Now, switch on your device and there you go, your Jio SIM network is ready to be used.


Note: The KitKat version of Android will also serve the purpose.

Therefore, it is really amazing to get your phone set to Jio within 10 minutes even if it is a 3G handset. Otherwise, setting up a Jio SIM in a 4G handset is just a work of a fraction of a second. Also, if you feel like enjoying long hours of talking or extended period of surfing the internet, there is no match for Jio.

Sit back in a comfy sofa, with a cup of brewed coffee on a lazy rainy afternoon and watch a good movie for complete 2 hours, of course with your Jio SIM installed in your 3G mobile.


activate jio sim

Activating a Jio SIM Card – a Step by Step Guide

This article deals with the question: How to activate a Jio SIM Card? To know how to purchase a Jio SIM, read this guide.

A mobile without a SIM card is no more than a dead body. Just as we humans require oxygen for survival, trees are complemented by sunlight for their food production, a bike or a car is supported by petroleum content, so much is the importance of a SIM for running a mobile phone or tablet smoothly. Amongst all SIM cards, Jio SIM has been the latest show stopper that connects you everywhere on and above the world.

What is a SIM?

A SIM or Subscriber Identity Module is like any other smart cards that have the power to protect all your data and is a removable one. Without SIM cards, your device has no value. Its metal body is fixed into a plastic coverage and is transferable between and among other devices.

what is a sim card

List of Available SIM cards

All over the world, there is a vast range of SIM cards. So, it is never a problem to get connected with your family members or near and dear ones, even though you trek to the highest point of the Himalayas. Let us look into the series of SIM cards.

  • Vodafone
  • Airtel
  • Reliance
  • Tata DoCoMo
  • Aircel
  • BSNL
  • Idea
  • MTS India
  • Reliance Jio
  • Reliance Telecom

Of these, Reliance Jio is new to the market and is doing quite well. Since Jio has become a household word these days, let us analyze its features.

Procedure to Activate a Jio SIM

Activate a JIO SIM by following this process:

  1. First and foremost, Purchase a Jio SIM. Make sure that you provide your proper identity proof while purchasing. Otherwise, there can be a fraud case. The most granted proofs are Aadhar card, two passport size photographs, and a correct email id so that all the information can be notified there.
  2. After the formalities are done, a message will pop up, asking you to verify your whereabouts.
  3. The activation procedure is done online. After you receive the confirmation email, follow the steps as instructed in the email to complete your registration.
  4. Finally, the bill receipt will be mailed to you. You will also receive a message to your registered mobile number.
  5. Last but not the least, check the ownership.

how to activate a jio sim card

Virtues of Jio

Since Jio has grabbed a huge market with its recent arrival to the mobile connectivity world, there must be something special about it, which is why it has been able to gain such fame in such short time. Time to delve deep into the quick cause of the act of putting the feather on the crown of Jio.

  • Reliance Jio is said to be the first one with LTE-network which means that the network of Jio will never shuffle from 4G to 2G or 3G. In short, their web services are fixed.
  • The most marked feature of Jio to win the hearts of many is its VoLTE feature, which is Voice Over LTE. These current characteristics promise to provide distraction-free audio calls only when your mobile data is switched on.
  • With changing of time, voice calls and messages have become absolutely free now. But you are benefitted with 100 messages daily.
  • When you are out of state, Jio SIM will not charge you a single farthing for roaming. All you need to do is just pay for the data.
  • Along with Jio Wi-Fi plans, you get an added incentive of some amount of data with which you are free to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots that the company provides you.

Jio SIM has been gathering enough popularity with its efficient pricing techniques and attractive offers. Isn’t it too good to be true? Well, Jio is a believable service with unimaginable fast network and easily approachable services. Get hold of a Jio SIM soon to enjoy various free services it offers. Follow the easy steps to activate your SIM and keep talking to your heart’s desire.

jio sim

How to Get a Jio SIM – Easy Steps

Reliance offers JIO Sim with high facilities to the customers by using some simple steps. People can move to the nearest digital stores, and by showing the aadhar card, the customers can generate a unique reference number for getting the Reliance JIO Sim. The customers can also get the JIO Sim free home delivery by following simple steps. After receiving the JIO Sim, the customers can activate it with proper procedures.

Standard procedure to Apply for a JIO Sim

The JIO Sim is applicable in 4G mobile data. So, the 4G mobile handset will support the JIO Sim. To avail the 4G data, JIO Sim is suitable to use in the 4G handset.

To avail the JIO Sim, the customers can go through these steps:

  • From the app store of your smartphone, download My JIO App and open it
  • On a banner, please tap on “Get JIO Sim
  • Now tap on “Get” and “Agree” with the JIO Sim offer
  • From the drop down, identify your location
  • Move by the steps and just click on the next step
  • The code offered will be viewed on the screen

The JIO Sim offers unlimited voice call, high-speed data, SMS till 90 days from the actual day of activation. In India, JIO is the 4G mobile network operator. The process involved in getting JIO Sim is simply different from any other Sim. Anyone can procure Demo JIO Sim from an employee of Reliance. This offers 75 GB for a validity of 90 days. This JIO Sim can be utilized in any 4G handset.

how to get jio sim

The Reliance employees are even offered unlimited data and not only 75 GB. When the previous data is exhausted, they can apply for further data, and they can avail further 25 GB data. The customers can also avail LYF handset from reliance stores and can avail facilities of unlimited data. The handset for 4G data will be used in any handset, but the free data will not be activated by JIO Sim.

Huge Offer By Mukesh Ambani

JIO Sim is led by Mukesh Ambani; the chief of Reliance Group and has already achieved millions of users for JIO Sim. The Reliance JIO Sim is giving the offer to users as unlimited voice call, SMS, and 1 GB data per day for prime members.

Now, Mukesh Ambani is providing an offer to the users for getting 4G mobile devices by online booking. This can be booked and availed with minimum cost. The Reliance group has captured large users of JIO Sim for the extensive facilities to the customers for a nominal amount which is incomparable in the existing market.

The Reliance group has made a revolution in the Indian telecom industries by inventing 4G mobile towers for transmission of 4G data at minimum cost. The users are grabbing the offer with their Aadhar cards. The revolution has already shuttered the other mobile sim business.

In the competitive market, now JIO Sim is the achiever in the distribution of 4G mobile data. This revolution is perfect for the Indian market. The customers can hope much more from Reliance group.