how to get uan number

The PF or provident fund is no doubt a much-known concept. People must absolutely realize that this is one of the easiest and safest ways of saving the money. The Provident is also to be taken care of as fast as possible.

And any PF holder is liable to a UAN or Universal Account Number. This ensures that the people have a particular savings account for themselves, no matter how many jobs they change.

Also, they will not have to worry about maintaining various accounts for different jobs, and withdrawal from one account is what they can take care of easily. But then without the UAN number and the activation of the same, one cannot know anything about their PF.

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Getting the UAN Number

Getting a “UAN number” is a straightforward process. One can make sure that their employers will do this for them.

Of course, if they have not done it or haven’t provided the people with the UAN numbers then there are several processes in which people can do the same.

Procedure to get UAN Number:

  • The very first thing to get through with is the PF number. This is availed from the Salary slip itself.
  • Once done, the next step is to visit the UAN members portal from here.
  • They will come to this page(see image):

uan page 1

After that, you will have to know if the UAN is activated or not.

  • Click on the “Know Your UAN Status” link. This page will appear(see image):

step 2

  • You can choose to fill either the Member ID from your Salary slip. Or else, can opt to fill their PAN card number or AADHAR card number.
  • Then the name, and date of birth and mobile number.

step 3

  • You will be prompted to fill in the CAPTCHA and then will be taken to this page:

step 4

An OTP will be sent to the number, and after the OTP is entered and verified, you will get the UAN number in the registered number.

Activating the UAN number:

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Click on “Activate UAN.”
  3. After that, you will be taken to another page.
    activate uan
  4. You will be asked to fill in the same details as mentioned in the image above.
  5. If the UAN is not activated, then you will most definitely get through with the same easily.
  6. Once you complete the same procedure, the UAN will be activated, and an initial password is provided.
  7. Now, login to your account.



Go to “Account” > “Change Password” and enter the old and then the new password to change the same.

uan account settings

change uan password

After all these procedures, people will have to wait for a day to check their passbook, which can be accessed right here:

The passbook appears as soon as the login credentials are put up.

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